Sunday, April 18, 2010

pregnancy induced delusional thinking

After much traveling I made it to the States safe and sound with all of my luggage and most of my sanity :-) I've been having a great time with Jason's family and the baby had it's first doctor's appointment last week. It looks like everything is going well and I'll know more in a few days when I get all of the results back.

Jason's been super busy in Guinea-Bissau and the shop at the youth center is starting to resemble a castle! They've got the walls for the first story finished, they've poured the floor for the second story, and the walls of the second story are going up! Now all they have to do is finish the walls, cover them with plaster and get them painted, and install a roof before the rainy season starts – did I mention that's around May 15th!!!!

I found this cartoon on a baby website the other day and I laughed really hard! I thought I would share it with you!

The bump is finally making an appearance noticeable to people who are not me. Here are my two most recent pics

This was my last one in Africa for a while so I thought I would wear a very bright African dress :-)

At the Atkins house. This is actually 2 weeks after the last one, but I missed a week because of traveling and then the doctor moved my due date when I saw him last week, so it worked out.

Right before I left the English department at the Youth Center had a talent show. It was pretty creative and fairly hilarious! Here are the adorable judges:

Anna, Emily, and Katie