Thursday, December 19, 2013

A White Christmas

What can you do when you're surrounded by Sub-Saharan African heat in December and your 3-year-old dreams of snow?  Spend a few minutes on Pinterest, grab a few supplies, and make some! 

This afternoon Savannah and I mixed up some cloud dough (8:1 flour to baby oil), headed out on our little veranda, tucked Nathaniel into a stroller to see all the action, and got creative.

First we used a silicone muffin pan to make fun shapes.


 Then we smashed the shapes for the pure joy of smashing.

After much squishing and smashing I flung some white powdery fun into the air and started a full fledged snowball fight! 

Much giggling and chasing ensued and even Nathaniel had a good time watching us.  In the end we were absolutely COVERED in "snow", but a fast sweep of the porch and a wet washcloth erased all evidence of the winter wonderland.  

Merry Christmas!!!