Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wii Mania!!!

For a combination Christmas 2009 / both of our birthdays / our anniversary present Jason and I bought ourselves a Wii. I brought it back with me a few weeks ago and we’ve been having a ball. It’s a nice way to spend some time relaxing after a super busy day. So far I am awesome at Frisbe, but Jason always beats me at Ping Pong (who didn’t see that coming).

There are two other missionary families who live close to us and they both have kids, so we’ve had a few “Wii parties” and everyone has had a blast. It’s a little too much for the two 3 and half year olds, but even they enjoy sword fighting – when else can you swing something crazily around in the air and knock someone else into the water?

Since the Wii uses your whole body, people get really into it! Jason said yesterday that we’ve already gotten our money’s worth out of it just in the entertainment value of watching other people play it!

Jason demonstrating archery on the Wii. One Saturday night we set up the Wii in one of the classrooms and played on the rojector.

Abby Bowling

Jonathan and Tammy racing in canoeing at our apartment

An intense game of ping pong. I had to get the proper stance with the belly :-)

In other news our silly dog Sydney is now full grown and loving Africa. She does a bunch of crazy things and I think that Jason is really going to miss her when we’re in the States!

Lately she loves laying on her back and twisting from side to side to get our attention. What a nut!

I know you want to see more belly, and trust me there's more to see :-)

21 weeks, in front of a mango tree with Sydney hanging out in the background.

Anna, Sydney, and Joseph joined me for this one - "Tada!!!"

22 weeks, back in the baby's room. In the next month there should be a lot of cool progress :-)

23 weeks, Jason joined me for the picture because he felt the baby move for the first time this week. She moves around a lot and I feel like I'm already getting to know her a little bit.