Monday, December 31, 2012

My Sunday Afternoon Creations

Lately every Sunday I get the urge to create.  Sunday is a fairly quiet day in our house.  Jason doesn't go to work, I cook very simple meals, and we have lots of intentional soul care time.  After church we listen to podcasts, read tons of books to our daughter, play outside, make fantastic playdough and block tower creations, and Jason and I both make a point to do something restful and energizing.

For the month leading up to Christmas I had been spending all of my spare time working on Savannah’s busy book (more about that later), but yesterday I wanted to make a simple project that I could start and finish in an hour or so - something pretty and useful.   Usually I would pick up a hook or some needles and ball of yarn, but yesterday I got out my sewing machine.  

I am a very novice seamstress and somehow sewing anything always takes about 27 times longer than I think it should, but yesterday I was overflowing with the confidence only Pinterest can bring; so I pulled out some bright, African fabric and dove in.  To my great surprise, a few hours later I had not 1 but 2 fully lined, zipper close-able  very useful little bags.  

I made the tiny one first and it's just perfect to hold Savannah's treasured Elmo cell phone.  The large one holds all of her little people.  She's really into organizing and she loves that she can zip and unzip them herself.

There’s nothing like making something functional and useful with my own two hands to refresh my spirit!  I love that creativity in all of its many forms reflects the very image of our wonderfully imaginative God :-)