Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coming back to the USA

Why is it so difficult to pack with a toddler around?  Maybe because of all of the wonderful "help" you get :-)

  Savannah "reorganizing" a suitcase just for me :-)  lol

Before we left Bissau I made and wrapped up two more busy book pages as surprises for our little two-year-old on the four day journey back to the US.  The first one was covered with buttons and had flowers that buttoned on and off and a little fabric lined pocket they could tuck into.

She loves numbers and counting almost as much as she loves hiding and buttons so I combined them all in this cute little peek-a-boo page.
The buttons are the same color as the felt flaps.

I also whipped up this little bag out of some adorable bandanna fabric from my Grandma to keep the busy book in.  For some reason felt seems to attract dust and I knew that getting shoved into all sorts of bags in our journey would not improve matters :-)

As you can see the pages kept her occupied for many hours on our long long trek :-)  What a precious little girl!