Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ok, so I have told you before that I am a saver. I don't like to throw things away. Today I am going to go through my clothes and take out everything that is too small, too big, I really liked in the store but I haven't worn, etc. I have a lot of moving around to do this summer and there is no reason to be dragging around clothes that I might wear at some point. Let's face it, that point will never come. To most people this seems like common sense. I am trying to have that perspective It just seems a little odd...

In other news, most of you know that I am going to be working at PMA again and I am excited about it. Jason has not found a job yet, so if anyone needs a programmer let him know.

I think that when we get back to the US in December we are going to move to North Carolina. We visited some different places in Virginia and NC on vacation and we really really really like the Raleigh area. Anyone else thinking about a move? We could caravan...

Alright, enough stalling, time to go clean house