Saturday, September 15, 2007


We are here in Guinea-Bissau safe and sound. The trip over was fine. We had a dispute with a baggage claims supervisor in Dakar, but I'll let Jase tell you about that one. All of our bags and everything inside them did get here just fine. Thank you for all of your prayers.

The guest house that we are living in is nice. It will be perfect. The only rooms that are finished are ours and Erica's. They haven't finished the kitchen yet, but they have been working on it a lot, so hopefully we will be able to cook and clean in there soon.

None of the computers were working at all when we arrived. There had been a server error the day before – basically all of the hard drives were completely full. So, we pulled into the Center, hugged and shook hands with a lot of people, and then Jason when straight over to the office and added a hard drive to the server. hehe, nothing's changed I guess.

I will post some pictures of everything next time. We are pretty busy with all of our unpacking, but we've almost got this place feeling like home. I am taking Erica to the market today to get some fabric to make curtains for our windows, so that should be a good time. Buying fabric is one of the most African shopping experiences, so I am brushing up on a few phrases in Creole. hehe

Miss you all!