Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sleep deprived, slightly disjointed

I'm sitting in the JFK airport in New York. Just ate a McDonald's snack wrap. Not going to get to have another one of those for a while... Bring on the schwarmas!

I am remembering the giant turkey leg I helped eat at the Reniassance fair on Saturday.

I have to say I'm feeling excited. The landing in New York was rough - lots of up and down - and I got kind of sick. McDonald's cures a multitude of ills.

Jason was up all night last night. I got about 4 hours. Nothing like saving it all for the last minute :) ...

We have an absolutely ridiculous amount of luggage. Two 70 lb bags, one 50 lb bag, and one 40 something. Plus two concocted carry ons - Jason is taking a picture as we speak. He likes to do that :)

Notice the sweet rainbow ribbon lashing the wireless antenna to the giant reel of cable? That's mine. Traveling in style... hehe Only two of the checked bags have wheels... Maybe I should've bulked up a little more. hehe

Well, I just wanted everyone to know that we are safe thus far. Keep our bags in your prayers. Not much in them is ours. We are camels for the Youth Center... hehe. We did pack all 10 packs of cheese. Definitely not the level of cheese I have become accustomed to, but way better than nothing...

Amanda's wedding pictures are up. They are pretty cute. Go to Click on "my gallery" then click on "Scott and Amanda Ellifrits" and Viola! Here's a tasty sample...

Here's the cake that Rachel made

Jason wants the computer now so I'm going to wrap it up. (He says I am making him sound like a "jerk-tard"... what he really wants is more food.) We are going to go buy some Chinese food. Yay!

If anyone wants to get emails when I post this wonderful stuff (or when Jason posts, but let's face it, mine are the highlight... hehe) so that you can know to check my blog, just send me an email at my gmail address and I will add you to the list.