Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bummer... :-)

Yesterday I took Jason to the airport in Detroit (more about where he was going later). On the way down, at about 26 mile, we passed a sign for Caribou Coffee (which I LOVE). I didn’t want to make Jason late for his flight so I decided that I would get some on the way back home. I made it down to Metro, dropped Jason off, and then proceeded to think about how awesome my latte was going to be once I got back up to 26 mile.

In my dreamy state of anticipation I barely noticed that the sky was getting a bit gray and cloudy. I was only thinking of the warm, perfectly steamy foam that was going to sit beautifully on top of my latte. I passed a Tim Hortons – nope, some Dunkin Donuts – sorry, and even a few Starbucks – not a chance! Nothing was going to distract me from the luscious Caribou Coffee that awaited me.

As I neared 26 mile road and visions of caffeine rapture danced in my brain, I saw a construction sign. I paid it no attention… then came another one. When I glanced at it I saw something about 26 mile road… gasp! I looked again. The exit was closed… road construction… Right at the moment when I realized that my latte dreams were evaporating into thin air the sky blackened, the wind blustered, and the heavens opened. Just like that I was in the middle of a furious downpour. I choose to believe that God was also disappointed by my lack of latte. Thanks Big Guy :-)

For those of you who are wondering why in the world Jason was headed to the airport, I guess that part of the story is interesting too… hehe For the past two months Jason has been working tirelessly to get a shipping container ready to go to Africa. For those of you who don't have experience with that sort of thing (most people) a shipping container is basically the same size as a Semi truck. The church in Tulsa who donated the brick making machine ('the dirt smasher' as Jason affectionately calls it) is also donating several other pieces of equipment that will be really helpful to have in Africa. So they flew Jason out there to help them collect all of the equipment and speak to their Sunday school class about what we're going to do with it. So today he's in Tulsa and after that they are headed to San Antonio to pick up a few things and then on to New Orleans to load them all up in the container. He's pretty excited :-)


Jason Atkins said...

Were you really trying not to make me late, or did you just not want to have to share your latte with me... :)

Em said...

My motives were totally pure! hehe