Monday, April 27, 2009


I love the wind. I don’t know why because wind seems to symbolize change, and I’m not a big fan of that (and the fact that it always blows my hair into my mouth…). I think I love the freshness of it. Wind always reminds me of how big the world is. It travels so fast and some days my life seems so slow. I just want to jump high into the air and be carried away.

Wind also reminds me of the Holy Spirit – unpredictable, refreshing, and making things move. I am sitting in the living room now, looking out the window and seeing even the toughest old trees dance in the wind. I love the analogy there – dancing with
joy at the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Lately we’ve had some crazy wind around here. Roofs have peeled off of buildings, trees have crashed to the ground, and gazebos haven’t stood a chance! Sometimes God’s power is like that in our lives too. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like dancing with the Holy Spirit it feels like being ripped into the air and tumbling end over end for miles!

When Jase and I were on the way back from Colorado in February we came across a huge wind farm. There had to be 200 gigantic windmills all turning, peacefully cranking out the megawatts. Jason was in heaven so of course we got off the freeway and did some exploring.

What a stud!

A few of the windmills that had Jason drooling!