Monday, February 11, 2013

Savannah's Busy Book

If I had to choose one word to describe my two-year-old over the past few months it would be ‘busy’.  She’s full of energy, but it’s not really the hyperactive, running, jumping all the time kind; she just always needs to have her hands and brain engaged.  

She loves to line up her toys, stack all sorts of objects into “beautiful block towers”, take things out of one container and put them into another, to zip and unzip, snap and unsnap, button and unbutton.  She also loves take her little toy animals and people and make up hilarious little scenarios, and her favorite ones involve mommies and their babies. (Can you tell she spends most of her time around a pregnant woman?)

This year for Christmas I wanted to make Savannah a special present and that’s where I got the idea for a busy book.  I created a Pinterest board (isn't that how all good projects start?) and scoured the internet for ideas.  I mapped out about 20 pages to make, and then ordered some felt, snaps, rivets, and glue online for a friend to stick in his suitcase.  My supplies arrived in the beginning of December and I dedicated Savannah’s naps and my evenings to creating a fun book for my daughter’s busy little hands.

In the end I did not get anywhere near 20 pages done, but I’m actually glad I didn't   She LOVES the 7 pages I made and plays with her “special book” pretty much every day.  I made the book so that it’s really easy to add new pages and I’m planning on expanding it a page or two at a time for special presents or as a surprise on long trips – we seem to have no shortage of those in our family!

I didn't use any patterns for any of the pages or pieces, which meant cutting every shape and number freehand.  I also didn't use my sewing machine because I didn't really know how to get all of the tiny pieces of felt just right with it and because I wanted to use cute blanket stitches, so every stitch is hand sewn.  I had a ball summoning all of my creative energy and whimsy and my dear daughter couldn't love it more!

 Page 1 - A rainbow puzzle that velcros together

Page 2 - Flowers with petals that velcro on and off and tuck into the pocket.  In a tribute to one of my favorite kids books I added a very hungry caterpillar and a beautiful butterfly.

 Page 3 - Shapes that match and snap and tuck into the pocket from an old pair of jeans.

Page 4 - A zipper pocket made from bright African fabric filled with double sided strips that can snap together into chain links, letters, shapes, or even end to end.

 Page 5 - Buttons that slide back and forth on ribbons with different shapes on the ends.

 Page 6 - Savannah LOVES ladybugs so this page has three little babies that can come in and out of the zipper pouch and even tuck under the mommy ladybugs wings. 

 Page 7 - Snapping balloons on ric-rac stems.

I've already got a button page done for our trip to the US in March and I'm hoping to add another one before we go, so stay tuned for more busy fun :-)