Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ready for Travel With a 2-Year-Old

Over the past week I’ve been combining my free time and my crafting powers to create a few fun new toys and activities to occupy our busy two year old on the four day journey by car, boat and plane from West Africa back the US.  

Today, during my Sunday afternoon creative time, I took a handful of bright popsicle sticks and some velcro dots and made a simple, portable, activity just perfect for Savannah’s busy little hands and imagination.

She saw me making them and she just had to get her hands on them.  Look at all of the fun shapes we made!

I’ve always saved cute cards and little pieces of boxes that had characters on them that Savannah liked.  I gathered up a few cute ones, a bottle of wood glue, and some plain old popsicle sticks whipped up a few puzzles.

A tried and true activity that I’m also bringing along is her sewing kit.  She loves to slide all of the buttons onto the string and then slither her button caterpillar around making hilarious ‘caterpillar noises’.

I’ve also got two little Sesame Street sticker books and I’ve been working on a few new pages for her beloved felt busy book.  Before we go I’ll wrap everything up and tuck all of her new little toys into my carry on to be revealed at different times along the way :-)