Thursday, March 20, 2008

if my friend killed my goat...

It’s possible that most of you have heard the joke about Sunday school where the teacher is describing something small and furry that lives in a tree. She asks the children what it is. One little boy pipes up and says it sounds like a squirrel, but the right answer is always "Jesus". Yeah, I know it’s a bit of a groaner, but I bring it up because I had a similar experience today when I was grading homework.

Jovens Para Cristo (Youth for Christ) is a Christian school, so we do talk about Jesus. We learn verses and read things from the Bible and have discussion about those things. We also learn grammar and practice discussing lots of other things. Yesterday we learned about how to talk about imaginary situations and consequences – ex: If something funny happened I would blog about it.

On the homework I gave the students some imaginary situations and asked them to make a complete sentence with the situation and a possible consequence. One of the situations was "Your friend was taking care of your goat and it died." Most people put answers that I would expect: "If my friend was taking care of my goat and it died I could take the meat and eat it." or "If my friend was taking care of my goat and it died I might never forgive him for what he did." But, one answer was different. It felt just like a typical "Sunday school" answer and it made me laugh a bit, so I thought I would share it with you: "If my friend was taking care of my goat and it died I would give him a grace of the only Lord in the sky to help that he or she gave to my goat while he died." hehe, yup, still makes me laugh.