Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Keep Emily Cool

So there is something that has been making me laugh every time I think about it and I wanted to run it by you guys. Most of you know my friend Fernando (from Guinea-Bissau, came to the States for 6 months to study English at the University of West Florida recently arrived back). Yesterday after we taught some American idioms to our third level English class (like a chicken with its head cut off, frog in my throat, butterflies in my stomach, etc) I was talking to him about the things that he learned in his English classes in the States. I asked him if they had done any idioms, and he said not exactly but their teachers had taught them some American expressions like: "that’s banging" meaning "that’s cool", and my favorite: "crackalackin’ ".

Have I been out of America so long that crackalackin’ is a real thing that people actualy say? Sometimes I feel like I have lost touch with American pop culture a little bit - I don’t know who the current Idol contestants are and I am not really interested in Brittnay and her baby problems. But have I lost touch this much? Tell me honestly, have you used the word crackalackin’ in the past month??? Do I need to add it to my vocabulary so I can be a crackalackin individual (Was that it? Did I do it right? I need to know... )?

Keep Emily cool - fill me in on the shizzle (Wait, do people still say shizzle? Did people ever say shizzle? I’m getting so confused ).