Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Clothes

Written on Tuesday morning:

Right now we are riding on a super fast ICE train heading from Stuttgart to Munich. We are excited to see a new city, but also very sad to leave Anna. We had a really great time! We had dinner at her parents' house on Saturday and then we went to a concert. After breakfast we spent most of Sunday in Tübingen, which is a beautiful old German city.

Anna and I enjoying some hot cocoa in Tübingen

Then we had dinner with her parents again (so good!!!!!), and on Monday we spent the day shopping and hanging out in the town where she lives, Karlsruhe. She told us a little about Germany (including some tips about train travel) and she steered us toward some pretty excellent German food.

I think that I have mentioned that it's cold here... We didn't exactly have clothes fit for the blustery chill to bring with us, so yesterday we went clothes shopping with Anna. She took us to a second-hand shop and I got a sweet ski jacket for 8 euros! I am snuggled up in it as I'm typing this, and I love it. Jason got a jacket, a sweater, and a nice shirt (all for quite cheap), so he's feeling good too.

After that we got some wonderful German food and then we went to the one euro store (like the dollar store). I was looking for mittens, but they didn't have any. It was actually Jason who made the real discovery. The only shoes that he has here are his Chacos. They are perfect for Africa, but his feet have been chilly here in the land of winter so we were checking around to see if we could pick up some cheap shoes. In the one euro store he purchased, not shoes, but toe socks. That's right. Jason is now walking around Germany in Chacos and toe socks. He is in love with them and he thinks that they have the magic power to make the crosswalk lights turn green. It works about 50% of the time, so I guess the jury's still out on that one.

The three of us with our new clothes.