Thursday, April 10, 2008

We Have Arrived

Well, we had an exciting trip up here, but that’s a long story for a less tired day We arrived in Germany this morning and a lady who works for YFC Germany picked us up from the airport and took us to the guest house - which is amazing. We have a totally cute room. We took our first showers with hot water since December and they were completely wonderful.

It is FREEZING here (to me) so I love that the kitchen has a sweet coffee machine and hot water with lots of tea all the time. I’ve drunk like 6 mugs of it already today.

There is a YFC team staying here in the guest house from South Africa. They are here to travel around Germany doing dramas and speaking in schools and churches. They are all around our age and they all speak English so we’ve been having fun hanging out with them.

Today we took a freezing walk to some stores in the little town here in search of mittens. We didn’t find any mittens, but we did find something amazing at a little gem called Aldi - broccoli!!!!!! (I sang that last word in a loud high voice, but I don’t really know how to type it like that... hehe) I will leave you with a picture of me kissing my broccoli as the "picture of the day" for today.